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Vote October 15 for Esquimalt Council

I love Esquimalt- the mix of people, strong sense of community and “live and let live” attitude.

I’m running for Esquimalt Council because I want to help our community actively tackle our housing and climate crises and make Esquimalt an even better place for families, children, and seniors to live in and get around.

Over the next weeks, I’ll be out talking to Esquimalt residents about what they see as our community’s priorities, and showing that I can be a positive advocate for your aspirations for Esquimalt.


Like everywhere in BC and Canada, too many people in Esquimalt are struggling to find affordable accommodation. Too many families and individuals are having to leave Esquimalt because they are unable to find housing that meets their needs and/or income levels. While affordable housing is largely a provincial and federal jurisdiction, there is a lot Esquimalt can do to help make housing more affordable.


Esquimalt, like many governments, has a long history of setting ambitious climate change targets, and then not doing much to ensure we actually meet them. Rather than making a big deal of our targets and intentions, I’d like Esquimalt to start developing some concrete actions and policies to match its ambitious plans and targets.


Esquimalt is a great place to walk and bike: but it could be so much better! There are many areas that lack sidewalks, and many vehicles don’t respect speed limits or stop signs in residential neighbourhoods. Where they do exist, many of our sidewalks and overall street design does not meet current standards for safe and comfortable pedestrian areas. We need to make Esquimalt’s streets feel safer for children and adults so more people feel comfortable walking and biking in our community.


The most important role of a council is governance and financial management. Council sets priorities and ensures that progress is being made towards these priorities. Taxpayer funds are limited, especially now given the economic climate, and need to be used with great care. Careful alignment of budgets with priorities is important.


  • My Responses to Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce Questions
    Here’s my responses to the Chamber’s questions. I did submit them by deadline Sunday night, but apparently some technological gremlins prevented them from being posted. Below are my answers in full: Candidate Statement I want Esquimalt to articulate a vision of what we want to see – and I interpret a vision as being a … Read more
  • My vision for Esquimalt (from Chamber of Commerce All-Candidates Meeting)
    The Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce hosted an All-Candidates meeting last Thursday at the Esquimalt High School. We were asked to answer questions relating to business development in Esquimalt and make a 2-minute candidate statement. Here’s what I said in my two minutes about my vision for Esquimalt and its business development: I want Esquimalt to … Read more
  • Video of All Candidates Meeting (Sept 28)
    Last week the Esquimalt United Church and ECO, the Esquimalt Climate Organizers, hosted an all-candidates meeting. The meeting was broadcast on Zoom and was also recorded. The video of the event can be found on Youtube: Each candidate was asked to prepare a 4 minute statement as well as answer questions from the audience. … Read more
  • My Thoughts on Reconciliation
    I believe that we all, as residents of Esquimalt, have a role to play in reconciliation with Indigenous people and especially our neighbours, the lək̓ʷəŋən people or the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.  We live on lands that are their traditional territories and there is a long history of broken promises, treaties and agreements between them and our … Read more
  • Campaign Launch!
    This will be where I will include updates on the campaign, thoughts on Esquimalt, meetups etc.

I’m often out walking in Esquimalt with our lively dog, Poppy. Please feel free to stop me to chat!

I’m also happy to meet anyone for tea or coffee – drop me an email at or send me a direct message on Social Media.

Feel free to leave me a message on 250.412.3830